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Monday, October 02, 2023
8:42:47 PM
Los Angeles and the Valleys
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Crime prevention is a job for you and your neighbors because you are
the people in the best - and often the only - position to do it.

The criminal justice system - the police, courts and prisons,
primarily deal with crime after it takes place.

Certainly, police arrest criminals and play a role in preventing crime.
But a police force can never take the place of strong ties among people in the community. It's neighbors who have the most power to stop a crime from happening in the first place.

They are most likely to be the first ones to spot a burglar trying to break into your house or to call for help if they see someone attacking you or threatening your child near home.

Neighbors are the ones who can befriend local children to keep them from joining gangs,
or talk to a battered woman to possibly prevent her abuse from turning into a violent tragedy.

A group of neighbors can file suit in small claims court to shut down crack houses and organize campaigns against drug dealers or gang members.

Neighbors can trim overgrown shrubs and pressure city hall to
improve street lighting, depriving muggers of a hiding place.

They can spot incidents of graffiti that will invite greater problems if ignored.

Neighbors can detect the kinds of crimes that rarely get news coverage, such as vandalism, petty thefts, auto break-ins and similar problems that can escalate unless they are nipped in the bud.

You and your neighbors also need to recognize one more important reason why it's up to you to prevent crime: As citizens in a democracy, you play a crucial role in preserving public safety.

In taking the initiative in crime prevention, you and your neighbors not only keep criminals at bay, but you also help to reduce the potential for abuse of authority by public officials.

Criminals and the people who study them will tell you that it's harder to pull off crimes in communities where neighbors watch out for one another
than in areas where neighbors exist in isolation.

Criminals would much rather work neighborhoods where people are too indifferent,
to busy or too scared to come out from behind their locked doors.

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